Why NEET PG result is declared in Roll no. not Candidate ID. Questions Dr Anand Rai.

For the first time in past few years ever since NBE took over as Exam conducting body the results of NEET PG was always declared in Candidate IDs. In 2018 for the first time, the result of NEET PG 2018 was declared in Roll numbers. The candidate profile login is still through the Candidate ID.

Dr Anand Rai alleged scam in NEET PG 2018 after he successfully exposed NEET PG scam in 2017. Earlier he shared few Candidate IDs of allegedly fraud candidates. A similar pattern happened in 2017 when Dr Rai shared Candidate IDs and the same were used by people to expose the scam. But in 2018 after Dr Anand Rai shared the Candidate IDs the result of NEET PG was declared in Roll Numbers not candidate IDs and it’s now extremely difficult to know the fraud candidates, What is there to hide and what is it that NBE doesn’t want us to discover alleges Dr Rai in his tweet.



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