West Bengal: Minutes after reviving newborn to life, workaholic doctor dies in labour room

Immediately after reviving a newborn baby, Dr Bibhas Khutia suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed on the floor of the labour room of Patanda Primary Health Centre in East Midnapore of West Bengal.

Minutes after reviving a newborn girl to life, a doctor collapsed and died of heart attack in Patanda of East Midnapore on Tuesday morning. The deceased doctor who was identified as 48-year-old Bibhas Khutia worked at Patanda Primary Health Centre (PHC).

Khutia, a general duty medical officer at Patanda PHC, had delivered the baby of Sonali Kulia Maji through a normal delivery procedure at around 11 am on Tuesday, according to a report in The Times of India. However, the newborn infant did not cry after the delivery. Khutia immediately placed the baby in a warmer and started pumping its heart to bring the newborn back to life.

Maji, the pregnant woman, was admitted to Patanda PHC on Monday night when she complained of pain. She went into labour at around 10:25 am on Tuesday.

Khutia, a workaholic, would be available for 24 hours in case of manpower crisis. He had developed the labour room in Patanda so as to serve expecting women in the rural area of the state. Doctors had advised him to undergo coronary angiography. However, the dedicated doctor put others above his own health issues. Khutia’s colleagues saluted his dedication towards work while mourning his untimely death.