NEET PG, NEET MDS, FMGE registration Opens

Registration of NEET PG, NEET MDS and FMGE opens today. As expected the interface of the registration is similar to the AIIMS exam. Even specifications of Photograph and Signature are similar to AIIMS exams, hinting towards the involvement of TCS. Even the Web portal used this time is different from Earlier NBE portal (

However, both Non-disclosure agreement and the exam fees are same as Prometric days. TCS conducts AIIMS exam in exam fees of 1500 INR while same TCS conducts NBE exams in  3750-5500.

Examination     Registration Opens                     Date of examination            Date of result

FMGE            30 Oct -27 Nov 2017                 21st December 2017           21st January 2018

PDCET            30 Oct-27 Nov 2017                21st December 2017           21st January 2018

DNB CET SS               NA                               21st December 2017           21st January 2018

NEET MDS     31st Oct-27 Nov 2017               7th January 2018                 31st January 2018

NEET PG        31st Oct -27 Nov 2017              7th January 2018                  31st January 2018

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