Doctors are God, can’t strike- Madras HC

Can gods go on strike? Definitely not. Similarly, doctors who are considered gods by patients cannot resort to striking their duty refusing to attend ailing patients, Justice N Kirubakaran of Madras high court has said.  The HIGH COURT made the observations on a plea of Taxi driver Raju, who was compelled to admit his pregnant wife in a private hospital, as PG students/ doctors of Raja Muthiaya Medical College and Hospital (RMMCH) of Annamalai University resorted to strike and refrained from attending patients.

The demand of the striking doctors was that they should be charged the fee at par with the students studying in the government medical colleges. This demand was rejected by the  state government saying that the RMMCH had been taken over by the government, but had not yet been declared as government medical college.

Medical reporters team have talked to many representatives of Medical students associations of the country and they all have few common questions in mind. Anyone willing to answer is welcome?

  1. Has the order misspelt dog with god? Did they tried to say that dog cant strike?
  2.  Do they also mean to say that since God is god, they don’t need protection from the assaulting patients (with reference to the increased incidence of doctor’s assault)
  3. Should the assaulting patients be booked for Blasphemy for attacking gods (Doctors)
  4. Why god need salary or stipend from Government? Arent they above all this?
  5. God must not be booked for negligence. Afterall god is perfect.

Medical Reporter

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