Allahabad High Court impose fine on 3 Doctors for “Bad Handwriting”

A Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has imposed a penalty of Rs 5,000 each on three doctors on account of their unintelligible handwriting. Owing to the poor handwriting of the doctors, the injury reports of the victims in three criminal cases could not be read. The reports were issued by the three penalised doctor at Unnao, Gonda and Sitapur district hospitals.T

Three different cases of doctors writing in running handwriting were reported from Unnao, Sitapur and Gonda district hospitals. The injury reports of the patients were said to be “not readable” Dr. TP Jaiswal of Unnao, Dr. PK Goel of Sitapur and Dr. Ashish Saxena of Gonda were summoned by the court and asked pay the fine amount, the Times of India reported.

However, the doctors defended themselves, saying the illegible handwriting was due to the extensive workload.

The principal secretary (home), principal secretary (medical & health) and director general (medical & health) were asked to ensure are prepared in legible and easy handwriting.

The medico-legal report, if given clearly, can either endorse the incident as given by the eyewitnesses or can disprove the incident to a great extent. This is possible only if a detailed and clear medico-legal report is furnished by the doctors, with complete responsibility,” the bench observed.

It added, “The medical reports, however, are written in such shabby handwriting that they are not readable and decipherable by advocates or judges. It is to be considered that the medico-legal reports and post-mortem reports are prepared to assist the persons involved in the dispensation of criminal justice. If such a report is readable by medical practitioners only, it shall not serve the purpose for which it is made.”

The court reminded the doctors of a circular issued by UP director general (medical & health) in November 2012 which stipulated doctors to prepare medico-legal reports in readable form.

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