AIFMGA wrote to MOHFW for Screening exam of Foreign PG degrees

All India Foreign Medical Graduate Association which played an integral role in highlighting the corruption and Irregularities of Dr Bipin Batra and its suspension, now again wrote to health ministry for making regulations to conduct Screening examinations for Foregin Post graduate degrees. In the aftermath of Gorakhpur incidence and many such

The letter Reads as “In the aftermath of Gorakhpur incidence and many such incidence, the central government in a rush up decided to recognize CPS diploma courses as per the newspaper (Times of India) report dated 22nd August 2017. CPS courses were never recognized by MCI and was always looked upon as inferior. But due to acute shortage of specialized doctors in our country, this step looks appropriate.

Similarly, its high time to give a consideration for Foreign Postgraduate medical degrees too. Presently there is no screening test for PG medical courses in India and only Basic medical degree (MBBS) is allowed for registration after passing FMGE (MCI Screening)

It is pertinent to mention that Dental Council of India has screening exam for both Basic dental degree (BDS) and Post graduate dental degree (MDS). Hence its not only right of the citizen but also an utmost necessity of the society by large to formulate PG Medical screening.
There are two main proposals which can be implemented as the screening examination
1. Multiple choice question-based exam which can be merged with the NEET -SS examination. Since there is a similar Proposal of NEXT exam, which is a merger of NEET PG and FMGE
2. University exam based pattern with both Theory and practical (Multiple state health science Universities can be used for this purpose).
This step will not only loop in Hundreds of Specialist doctors in the society service but also encourage Indian graduates to take up foreign courses in case of nonavailability of PG seats. We hereby request the Ministry to kindly initiate the process at the earliest.

Medical Reporters

FMG PG regulations
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