After the death of a Shia Cleric Mob of Hundreds vandalizes the Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

Maulana Ehsan Haider – a 52-year-old cleric and Shia scholar complained of chest pain and collapsed, following which he was rushed to the Wockhardt Hospital located near Naya Nagar in Mira Road, Mumbai at around 9:30 pm on Tuesday.

On-duty doctors claim to have started cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but could not revive the patient who was declared dead at around 11.00 pm. Later tension gripped WockhardtHospitall in Mira Road, Mumbai following his death. Alleging medical negligence, agitated devotees and followers of the highly revered religious personality, who had gathered in large numbers almost in hundreds, went on a rampage in the hospital premises, breaking glass panes and damaging vehicles that were parked outside.

Reportedly on a viral Facebook post – Some staff members posted- “Doctors and nurses hid in the minor OT, trembling, and locked themselves from inside. Police were called, but as usual, they reached late.”

Later police intervened on the matter and tried to control the mob.

Opposite to allegations that non-medical staff had attended the cleric in the absence of doctors, Emergency Physician Dr. Sharad Yadav, while speaking to media, said, “Immediately after the patient was brought in, I along with my team personally commenced CPR measures. The CCTV cameras have recorded the entire sequence of events.”

“Some mischief mongers had apparently spread the rumor which sparked the trouble. Nor the kin of the deceased, neither the hospital has registered any complaint with us.” said a police officer.



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