SION hospital Mumbai enters Guinness records for removing Heaviest Kidney tumor

Manju Devi 28 year old lady from Darbangha Bihar was operated for a huge 5.5 kg Kidney tumour measuring 31 x 19 cm last year on November 7 2016. Almost a year later the same act earns the doctors of SION hospital Mumbai, Guinness World record. This tumour has been documented as the world’s largest renal tumor by the Guinness Book of World Records. The hospital has received the official certificate from the world record managing team of the Guinness book.

The team which performed 8 hours long surgery on the patient was led by Urologist Dr Ajit Sawant, Dr Prakash Pawar and anesthetists Dr Geeta Patkar and Dr Aparna Nerulkar. The tumour was successfully removed without damaging any of the surrounding vital structures. Dr Jayashri Mondkar, Dean of Sion Hospital said that she was really proud of the team for this record. After the surgery, Manju Devi has resumed her day to day activities and now is on regular follow-ups. She visits the hospital once in three months for a check-up. “She is doing really well. This incident shows that such critical and complicated issues are handled successfully in public hospitals.