PGI Rohtak residents on strike as Police misbehaving and forcing NARCO Test to find missing baby

Pt. B.D. Sharma, PGIMS, Rohtak residents doctor are on strike since 3rd October due to alleged misbehaviour and use of force by police to take concent for NARCO Test (Lie detector test). The whole issue started on 10th of September 3.10 PM when a male child was delivered and the footprint was taken, afterwards, the resident doctor on duty got busy with another patient and left the Labour room, and the child is missing since then.

Sunny who is father of the missing child filed a FIR against unknown person in the nearby PGIMS police station under section 364 IPC, 369 IPC and section 75 Juvenile Justice ac. SHO Rakesh Saini arrested Nurse Balkhar for interrogation and also named resident doctors Dr Preeti, Dr Gitanjali, Dr Heena Fatima and Dr Jahanara as suspects. Interestingly days after this incidence Director of PGIMS Rohtak Dr Rakesh Gupta resigned citing personal reason.

Later Police allegedly started calling suspected doctors in odd timings for interrogations started threatening. Police also wrote a letter to the Vice chancellor of the University asking for Lie Detector (NARCO) test of the suspected doctors. When Dr Heena appeared to the SHO, he allegedly forced her to sign the Lie detector form or be ready for the arrest. At that point Dr Heena was clueless so she asked to take permission from the administration and seniors for the same and left the Police station

Resident doctors alleged that PGIMS administration refused to cover the legal expenditure and PGIMS legal team will not represent the Resident doctors. Citing this reason and the misbehaviour by the police Resident doctors are on indefinite strike. Our team talked to the resident doctors, we were informed that “the doctors are not afraid of the NARCO test as they have done nothing wrong. We are afraid of the bias and predecided behaviour of the investigating agency to implicate resident doctors.

Our team have copies of both the FIR and the letter written to VC. Interestingly the letter written to VC asks for permission of LIVE detector test not Lie Detector test. Such informed SHO is investigating such serious crime. Secondly, the sections mentioned in FIR and letter to VC are different. In the FIR section 364 (Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder.) and 269  Section 369 IPC (Kidnapping or abducting child under ten years with intent to steal from its person) are mentioned while in the letter to VC section 364 IPC and section 75 Juvenile Justice act is written. Newly enacted Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 is added later in the letter to the VC because it makes the IPC 264 from Bailable to Non-Bailable.

Clearly, the Investigating officer wants to implicate the resident doctors in the non-bailable offence even when the IPC is not applicable. There is no reason why section 364 IPC is applied here, as there is no reason to abduct a newborn male child just to murder. And if it is so then the suspect must be some rival of the family not from the hospital. We know how NARCO can be manipulated” Said the resident doctor association.


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