Acting on representation of Association of DNB Doctors, Oversight committee wrote to MCI on the matter of DNB for teaching posts

Supreme court mandated Oversight committee yet again wrote to the Medical council of India, all for the wrong reasons of disobedience. Earlier this month also Oversight committee alleged autocratic manner of functioning of MCI and passing orders without consulting Oversight committee.

On the matter of DNB for teaching posts the Ministry of health and family welfare asked Oversight committee to consider DNB for teaching posts for which the oversight committee agreed. However the Medical counsel of India is obstructing the way for DNB doctors to join academic posts in medical colleges.

MCI earlier misguided Oversight committee by giving false and misleading information about DNB curriculum and their stand about DNB is not only illegal but unethical” Said representative of Association of DNB Doctors.  “We have approached Dr Guleria of AIIMS who is a member of the Oversight committee with correct facts about DNB along with the proofs and Oversight committee have taken cognizance of the representation and asked MCI for clarification. We are hopeful for a positive outcome” Added the representative of Association of DNB Doctors

The letter sent by OC to MCI reads as under:

The oversight committee is in receipt of a representation from the secretary, Association of DNB Doctors (ADD). Representation dated 13.08.2018 is on the subject “MD DNB Equivalence of teaching posts”. Please find enclosed herewith representation in original, which is self explanatory for examination and necessary action as per rules. The applicant may be given suitable reply in the matter in 2 weeks time. This communication issues with the approval of the oversight committee (Date of approval 30/08/2018) Dr Sanjay Shrivastava Secretary Oversight committee




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