NEET PG – NRI seats converted into Management Quota again; Merit Students Angry!

Merit PG-NEET students are enraged after the medical education department, for the second year running, converted vacant NRI seats to the ‘others’ category which means nothing else but converting them into management quota in  during the third round of PG medical/dental counselling that began on Wednesday.

Of the 372 seats up for grabs under the NRI quota, only 37 were filled and the department promptly added the unfilled seats to the management quota. Candidates allege this is a lucrative deal for management as the government increased the fee for NRI seats by 15%.


Merit students are peeved and claim the seats ought to have been made available for them under the government quota. They claim the government continues to reserve seats (15%) for NRIs even after knowing the demand is negligible.

Dr S Sachidananda, director of medical education, said only five NRI candidates had opted for PG dental. The remaining 124 seats reserved for NRI candidates, therefore, were converted to ‘other’ category. “For PG medical, only 32 seats were filled. The remaining 211 seats which were vacant were converted to ‘other’ category,” he said.

V Manjula, principal secretary, medical education, said: “We have converted the NRI seats into ‘other’ category without disturbing government and private quota seats. The 15% seats reserved for NRI and 10% kept aside for ‘others’ still remain a total 25%.”


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