NEET PG- Foreign nationals can appear, Indians with foreign degrees can not

In yet another revelation by Right to information, It is revealed that foreign nationals can appear in NEET PG exam to take seats in Private medical colleges of India and if selected they can apply for temporary registration with Medical Council of India. However, on the other side Indian nationals who have done their MBBS from outside India can not appear in NEET PG.

Medical Council of India is a totally biased body which acts in favour of Private medical colleges. These private medical colleges want foreign nationals to take admission in India while they want to prohibit Indian nationals to take admission outside” Said Dr Raghu Ram Nayak member of All India foreign Medical Graduate association.

“We hope MCI is dissolved to the earliest and the new body will be more sensible. Then only India’s Public health system can improve” Added Dr Raghu

Medical Reporters

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