NEET PG Examination and Counselling reforms on board

After meeting with the Executive director of National Board of examinations Save Doctors Right group who were leading the exposure of NEET PG scam, met with the officers of Medical Council of India to discuss the difficulties and reforms of NEET PG examinations and counseling. Core members informed us that the Authorities promised us that reformative decisions will be taken as much as possible.

The letter submitted to MCI/ NBE today reads as ” We as students community would like you to address the following issues we are facing regarding NEET PG examinations.

  1. In view of changes in the NBE and exam format there is huge tide of sentiment amongst the PG aspirant in favour of shifting conduct of NEET PG examinations to January as was done when AIIMS was conducting the AIPG examinations.
  2. Like NEET SS the NEET PG counseling should be central counseling in which DNB seats should also be included to that wastage of seats should be minimized
  3. This is to bring to your notice that NEET PG conducted by National Board of Examinations is an online examination and Unlike any other online examination the result of this examination takes more than 2 months, this increases the chances of manipulation. Also the delay caused by this leads to delay in counseling and hence only 2 rounds of counseling was conducted in past few years unlike earlier. Due to this huge number of seats were transferred to the state quota. This defies the whole purpose of All India Quota seats.
  4. Provisions of 3rd round and Open round as done by AIIMS should be made in the Information Bulletin itself. We hereby request the Ministry to direct NBE to declare the MCI
    result of NEET PG and SS etc to the earliest so that at least 3 rounds of counseling become possible and all India Quota seats are filled by All India counseling without transferring of seats.
  5. Provisions should be made to declare individual scores on the Computer screen at the finish of the examination. This was done by Manipal Entrance examination and many other examinations.


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