NBE removes clause of maternity leave from its new leave guidelines, contrary to the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) act 2017

One one hand central government claims its high standards for women safety and equality by passing Maternity benefits amendment act 2017, on the other hand National Board of Examinations (An autonomous institution under Ministry of health and Family welfare) have modified its Leave rules to remove the maternity benefits clause as a whole.

Earlier in 2012 Leave rules notification (Click here) NBE had provisions of 90 days paid maternity leave for DNB / FNB course. Government o India passed Maternity benefits amendment act 2017 which seeks to increase maternity leave available to working women from the current 12 weeks to 26 weeks for the first two children (Click here). Soon after this bill was passed National Board accredited institutions which are mostly private institutes feared to pay extra maternity benefits to women DNB/ FNB candidates and approached NBE authorities to cover their losses.

Thereafter NBE authorities modified Leave rules of DNB/ FNB and eliminated the Maternity rules as a whole. NBE authorities are alleged to shake hands with National Board accredited institutions and share many platforms with them. The new rules are

Attention: All NBE Accredited Hospitals/ Institutes/Medical Colleges and DNB/FNB Trainees
The following revised leave rules shall apply to the candidates, those who join on or after
2018. Those who joined before 2018, the old leave rule shall be applicable.
1. DNB/FNB Trainees are entitled to avail leave during the course of DNB/FNB training as per the Leave Rules prescribed by NBE.
2. A DNB/FNB Trainees can avail a maximum of 30 days of leave in a year excluding regular duty off/ Gazetted holidays as per hospital/institute calendar/policy. This leave shall be processed at the institutional level.
3. Any kind of study leave is not permissible to DNB/FNB Trainees.
4. Under normal circumstances leave of one year should not be carried forward to the next year. However, in exceptional cases such as prolonged illness, the leave across the DNB/FNB training program may be clubbed together with prior approval of NBE.
5. Unauthorized absence from DNB/FNB training for more than 7 days may lead to cancellation of registration and discontinuation of the DNB/FNB training and rejoining shall not be permitted.
6. Any Leave availed by the candidate other than the eligible leave (30 days per year) shall lead to extension of DNB /FNB training. The training institute has to forward such requests to NBE along with the leave records of the candidate since his/her joining and supporting documents (if any) through the Head of the Institute with their recommendation/comments. NBE shall consider such requests on merit provided  the seat is not carried over and compromise with training of existing trainees in the Department.
7. Any extension of DNB/FNB training beyond the scheduled completion date of training is permissible only under extra-ordinary circumstances with prior approval of NBE. Such extension is neither automatic nor shall be granted as a matter of routine.
8. DNB/FNB trainees are required to complete their training by a prescribed cutoff date (as per information bulletin of Exit exam) for being eligible to DNB/FNB Exit examination.
9. The eligibility for DNB/FNB Final Examination shall be determined strictly in accordance with the criteria prescribed in the respective information bulletin.

Medical reporters will convey this anomaly to the Government of India and we thing strict action will be taken and the leave rules will be in sync with the Maternity Benefit amendment act 2017.

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