MCI’s Latest Amendment in TEQ is illegal!

Medical Council of India amended the Teachers eligibility qualification on 5th June 2017 and released the amended complete document on 8th June 2017 on its website. However as per records, MCI have not taken prior approval from either Oversight committee as mandated by the supreme court or from the Ministry of health and family welfare. There was a window period of oversight from 16th May 2017 to 18th July 2017 and during this period MCI Amended TEQ degrading DNB programme run by National Board of examinations. Supreme court already canceled one Policy decision taken by MCI in this window period.

Additionally, one RTI information revealed that MOHFW was kept in dark regarding the changes in TEQ and infact DNB related changes were not approved by the MOHFW and MCI agreed to carry forward 2012 status of DNB. Such an act of omission is against the laws laid down by “The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964” and warrants penal action against the authorities of MCI.

Also in the Minutes of meetings of the executive committee of MCI it can be seen that the Executive committee disagrees with the findings of the TEQ committee regarding the Residency. As per Executive committee the Residency as to be in sync with the Residency scheme of Government of India while TEQ committee insists on its new Residency rules which force DNB degree holders to do additional 3-year JRship.

The Minites of Meetings reads as (Click here): Item No.2 Confirmation of eligibility for the post of Senior Resident in the department of General Surgery in respect of Dr .Hiteshkumar D Patel in Medical College in India. The Executive Committee of the Council noted the recommendations of the TEQ Sub-Committee .However qualification required for the post of Senior Resident is only M.B;B.S .with 3 years ‘experience as a Resident in a medical college affiliated hospital .Hence DNB qualification & ancillary details thereto are irrelevant for the purpose of eligibility as Senior resident.Referred back to TEQ Sub-Committee to decide the matter in accordance with Regulations. See Page 3 in the attached File

Notesheet 5th June Amendment

Medical Reporters.

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