MCI to introduce Unique Permanent Registration Number

In a communication letter from Medical Council of India to Dr. K K Aggarwal of Indian Medical Association dated 28th September 2017, MCI seeks help of IMA to implement Unique Permanent registration number (UPRN) a new format of IMR with digital and central nature. With the implementation of UPRN every registered doctor needs to register on the Doctors login of MCI website and apply for new UPRN online and upload documents.

MCI also proposed to Aadhar Link the UPRN and then a system generated UPRN will be generated after uploading the documents. State medical councils will physically verify the documents the date and time of State medical council appointment can be taken from the MCI website. Upon physical verification, the UPRN will become permanent. With this step, the State medical council will lose the powers of registration at the state level and doctors will not have to face the problem of multiple registration numbers.


Medical Reporters

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