Max Hospital resumed its operations after getting stay on licence cancellation from ‘appellate authority’

Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, resumed its operations, days after its licence was cancelled by the city government for declaring a live newborn baby dead. The hospital had appealed to the appellate authority to revoke the cancellation of the licence.  The hospital in a statement said that a stay order has been issued by the appellate authority the office of the Financial Commissioner SS Yadav — in the matter and that they were committed to providing quality healthcare to their patients.

Further, when the cancellation was criticised, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had defended the order, saying, “Delhi government is not against private hospitals and is fully aware of their importance. But Max Hospital left us with no option other than to take action. This is not happened first time. Such kind of erroneous act was done by the hospital on many occasions in the past too.”

However, while the hospital had declined to share details on the appropriate government authority approached by them, Delhi High Court advocates had claimed that in such cases, “the appellate authority is the Lieutenant Governor’s office.”  “As per the Delhi Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1953, in cases related to cancellation of licence, the appellate authority is the L-G office,”

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