Kerela is Finally Free from Nipah Virus.

Nipah Virus has been finally contained and the last of the two positive cases have fully recovered, said Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja on Sunday. The virus struck at Kozhikode which saw 13 people dying, while three deaths were reported from nearby Malappuram district, and more than 2,000 patients with fever were kept under close observation.

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja on June 10 said that the infection has been brought under control, “Nipah is under control now and no positive case has been reported. In this backdrop, it has been decided to relax the high alert issued in mid-May after the outbreak of the disease.”

Shailaja also said- “We visited the two Nipah positive patients who have been completely cured and according to many, this is something rare. The scare of this getting spread is finally over, as no more patients have tested positive, but a caution has to be there who are under observation, as they have to take complete rest,”

High alert was lifted over the state on June 10. Health secretary Rajeev Sadanandan said in a statement, “No new cases have been reported for the past 21 days. Since this is more than the longest recorded incubation period of the virus, we consider the Nipah outbreak to be over in the state.”

Schools and colleges were reopened on June 12, which was postponed from June 1 due to outbreak of the disease. The Kozhikode Medical College hospital, where a special Nipah ward was opened, is now seeing patients returning home.

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