J P Nadda promised DNB MD equivalence

Union health minister in the latest meeting with the officials of ANBAI (Association of National Board accredited Institutions)  verbally promised that they have taken necessary action for DNB equivalence as per 2012 Gazette notification of government of India overruling MCI TEQ on June 2017.

J P Nadda said DNB from 500 beded hospital will be equivalent to MD for all purpose including teaching in Medical colleges while DNB from less than 500 bedded hospital will require one extra year of SR ship at medical college.

This is sync with the 2012 notification of Government of India. However, Association of DNB doctors (ADD) is not satisfied with this step. We want nothing less than absolute equivalence irrespective of the type of hospital and bed strength and we won’t settle for any less” said one of the officials of ADD. The number of bed criteria is arbitrary and challengable in the court of law.



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