Indore’s MGM College will coach students in Handwriting Skills

Two days after Allahabad high court fined three doctors Rs 5,000 each for bad handwriting, Indore’s MGM Medical College announced that it will coach medical students in handwriting skills to make life easier for patients.

“We are coming up with a training session for students and a seminar session for doctors to improve their writing skills,” MGM dean Dr. Jyoti Bindal said. “Handwriting has long been a problem for doctors and it has turned into a social stigma. We want this to end,” added Dr Bindal.



An illegible prescription can lead to confusion and patients may end up with wrong medicines. Also, illegible scrawls often turn into legal disputes in medical insurance claims. Even the Ayushman Bharat Scheme has a special directive for legible handwriting. “It says that if the medical prescription is found unreadable, the beneficiary will not be able to claim insurance,” said Dr. Bindal.

“Although it will be an extra burden for us, it is important and will be a stress-buster activity,” said Manisha Goyal, a student of MGM Medical College.

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