Fake Doctors Raided by Delhi Medical Association

These days everybody comes up with questions about the integrity of doctors but in reality, the government must have to take steps to clean the system first. One of a cleaning step is recently taken by the Delhi Medical Association, health department and the Delhi Police, by raided fake doctors clinic in Naraina village in South-west district of New Delhi on Friday.

11 May morning, the DMA (Delhi Medical Association) received a complaint against unauthorized medical clinics as doctors running them doesn’t have any real medical qualification. A team, headed by Dr. Anil Bansal from DMA, along with Dr Ashok Jamrani, CDMO (Chief District Medical Officer), and doctors from the Dental Council of India and Delhi Police officers went to find the reality.

“When we reached there, we found this doctor running a clinic with no degree, no certificates, and giving expired medicines to patients. Without any qualification, the man was also giving anti-biotic injections and running a laboratory just next door. We gave him the notice to bring the relevant documents to CDMO office by Monday, else legal prosecution will follow,” said Dr Anil Bansal, Delhi Medical Association.

SM Khan an Ayurvedic doctor from Rajasthan had been running the clinic in the area for four years and started practicing allopathic medicine without any license. Another five doctors from Bengal, running clinics in the near by, closed shutters and ran even before the teams could reach their clinics. Notices have been put outside their clinics as well and asked to report with relevant documents.

“I request the public to keep a tab on such doctors and file complaints. It is important to catch these people who risk people’s lives,” said Dr Bansal.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) report, released in 2016, had claimed that 31 per cent of those who claimed to be allopathic doctors in 2001 were educated only up to the secondary school level and 57 per cent did not have any medical qualification. The study also highlighted that just 18.8 per cent of allopathic doctors in rural India had a medical qualification.

Government Must have to be more vigilant like this against these “Fake Doctors” so the public could reach to real and authentic one on time and get quality treatment.

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