DNB residents assaulted by Hospital owners at Amritsar over stipend issue?

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Two DNB residents of Amritsar based Dr. Hardas Singh Orthopaedic Hospital were allegedly assaulted by none other than the hospital owner and PG coordinator of the hospital Dr Parvinder Singh Sandhu in a drunken state.

Soon after joining this institute the two DNB residents realized that the institute is not upto the mark and is not following the stipend and other guidelines laid down by the National Board of Examinations.  They started raising their voice regarding the same but was muted by the administration. Left with no choice the DNB residents made a complaint to the National Board of Examinations. Angered with this Dr Parvinder Singh Sandhu and few of his goons in a drunken state attacked on the DNB residents and threatened them for life. The two DNB residents fled and made a complaint to the local police station.

“To our surprise the ASI of the local police station was in collusion with the hospital administration and he tried to convince us to take back the complaint or be ready for dire consequences. The hospital owners are very powerful people” Said one of the DNB doctor of the Institute. Its the matter of our life versus our degree not” He added.

Further we are informed that in spite of the active intervention of Anti Ragging cell of UGC  the Punjab police have not yet filed an FIR and also have failed to perform MLC of the resident DNB Doctors.

Association of DNB Doctors have taken up this matter with the National Board of examinations on this matter. We will make sure such institutes which are not compliant with NBE guidelines are to be cancelled their accreditation” Said ADD representative

According to hospital website Dr. Hardas Singh Orthopaedic Hospital was established in 2004 by Dr. Hardas Singh Sandhu but there is not data available on the bed strength of the Hospital.  On further investigation we found that the hospital is a 50 bedded hospital which is contrary to the minimum guidelines of 100 beds laid down by the National Board of examinations.  It came into light that the accreditation of this institute was cancelled earlier also on the same grounds but it was again  granted in 2017 when scam tainted Dr Bipin Batra (now suspended) was illegally holding the post of Executive director of NBE

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