Delhi Medical Association sent Legal Notice to Vivek Bindra over defamatory video

Delhi Medical Association today sent a legal notice to One Vivek Bindra who call himself as a Business expert and motivational speaker over the allegation of Defamatory online content which paints the whole medical profession in the wrong color.

The notice reads as “We, acting on the instructions of and for and on behalf of “our client” hereby serve upon you the abovementioned addressee the present legal notice which is based on the below mentioned facts and events and at the very outset stated that the contents of the impugned video are ex facie, false, perverse and defamatory of our client and hence are being denied in their totality, as if being traversed in-seriatim.

  1. That as you already aware that our clientis one of the biggest platform of doctors of medicine involved into mass scale vaccination, health checkup camps, measles and pulse polio programmes Blood donation camps, anti quackery movement, etc. it is further pertinent to mention that our client has fully devoted for its total work up on health policies and other issues of Delhi Govt., National & International health agencies and health associations having varied medical professional as its members from all across the nation. Thus, in view of the same our client have established for themselves a well reputed name in the medical profession and their prediction for legal standards is unparalleled and it is in this capacity only that the present notice is being issued to you the abovementioned addressee.
  2. Our client has been shocked and surprised to see the impugned video as the same contains several false, and baseless averments and is a result of incorrect and grossly irresponsible publicising/ posting. The impugned video is not only a glaring case of incorrect posting based on utter conjectures and surmises, having no rational basis whatsoever but the same has been published with malafide intent to adversely affect and besmirch the name and repute of the medical professional of our country. Infact, false and incorrect averments have been stated by you the abovementioned addressee, knowing full well that they were false to your own knowledge and despite of the same the said false imputations have been made you the abovementioned addressee there by stigmatising the medical professional and institutions of this country.
  3. Upon the perusal of the impugned video, the following glaring factual infirmities, amongst others, can be noticed which are being enumerated herein under;
  • If you want to know how doctors loot their patients then watch this video.
  • If you want to know how hospitals loot their patients then watch this video.
  • If you want to know how doctors earn commission then watch this video.
  • If you want to know why medicines are so expensive watch this video.
  • If you want to know the actual cost of operations then watch this video
  • If you want to know more about health industry in India then watch this video

Further, in your disputed video, you addressee have referred the doctors as “ “SAAFED COAT  MAE  LOOTERAY ”, “KILLER DOCTORS”, “DOCTORS PATIENT KI MAJBOORI KA FAYEDA UTHA TEY HAIN”, “DOCTORS PATIENT TO DARAKE PAISA LETEY HAIN” etc. without any documentary evidence and have defamed the whole of the medical fraternity. It is further submitted that you have no proof at all, as there is nothing, to substantiate your stand taken in the impugned video. Moreover, you the abovementioned addressee have no right to whatsoever to allege vituperative epithets with respect to the medical professionals of our country.

  1. From a perusal of the aforestated, it is evident that a patently false and baseless video, which is divorced from true and correct facts, has been posted / publicised by you the abovementioned addressee. Our Client has reasons to believe and apprehend that the impugned video has been posted/ publicised by you the abovementioned addressee at the behest of some third party, with malicious and malafide intent to harm our clients legal interest, reputation and goodwill. The impugned video seeks to portray and does in fact portray a false and incorrect impression about the medical professions in the minds of the viewers
  2. The impugned video has cause an irreparable injury and loss of reputation to our clients and all the medical professionals of this country per se. Pursuant to the posting of the impugned video our client has been contacted by several persons, including but not limited to medical professionals, inquiring about the same. Our Client has been questioned and subjected to contempt as being national association representing the medical professionals and thus, has suffered immense prejudice and loss of goodwill, reputation, standing and goodwill in the industry.
  3. In view of the aforesaid, you the abovementioned addressee are hereby called upon to immediately tender an unconditional apology in writing to our client. You the abovementioned addressee are also called upon to immediately remove the said video from your website. You the above-mentioned addressee are further called upon to stop any further/ repriculation of the impugned video. In the event of failure of you the abovementioned addressee to do so, our client shall be constrained to initiate appropriate proceedings, both civil and criminal, including seeking monetary damages which our client is in the process of quantifying, against you the abovementioned addressee. Needless to mention that any such proceeding, if initiated, shall be solely at your risk, cost and consequences.
DMC notice