Central Govt includes CPS diploma in Schedule 1 of IMC act using power above MCI

The rough draft of CPS recognition letter dated 17th October by Ministry of health and family welfare (not sealed or signed) which was circulated widely in the medical community appeared to be true when Central government finally released the Gadztte notification on 23rd October (Click here)

Central government used its powers over and above Medical Council of India (sub-section (2) of Section 11 of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956) to include CPS (College of Physician and Surgeons of Mumbai) diploma in the First Schedule of IMC.

The Gadztte notification clarifies that the Diploma courses (2-year courses) only will be recognised not the three-year FCPS courses. Also, the CPS holders will not be eligible for the teaching posts in the medical colleges.

Its not clear if CPC candidates will be eligible for the post-diploma DNB courses and if eligible will they be considered for teaching posts after DNB.

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