BREATHE- Madhavan’s Show, Organ Donation and It’s Status In India!

If you are Binge Watcher in India, you would have definitely come across this latest series of Digital Platform – Amazon Prime Video -BREATHE. Starring- R.Madhavan and Amit Sadh, Breathe is definitely an amazing series to watch.Those who don’t know the premise, BREATHE is a story of a father who decides to kill the matching donors so that his son can live. But after finishing the series when you are facing a moral dilemma inside you that why are were you rooting for a killer all the way, You were also curious about the real status of Organ Donation in India.  Do you know one big fact that our country India is among those countries which have lowest Organ Donation Rate? Well, Now you know.

According to Organ India – Approximately 5 lakh people across the nation die each year due to unavailability of organs. If break this down, 1 Lakh People die of Liver Disease whereas only 1000 get a liver transplant. 2,20,000 People in our country are waiting for kidney transplant out of which only 15,000 will get a kidney.  The saddest part is one brain dead person can save up to seven lives still we as a nation are recognizing the value of organ donation due to age-old practices and values. Though the situation has been improved recently but not good enough to even get close to solve the issue.

There is still a huge gap between the demand and donation of organs. Every year lakhs of recipients get added to the list and out of which only a few get the organs. Experts say the gap exists because only ten states and two UTs have an active donation and transplant programme. States such as UP, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and the North-East are yet to make a debut. This clearly shows the poor political will and interests of the state governments. But something can be learned from Tamil Nadu which runs India’s most successful programme by taking a slew of decisions to ease donations about a decade back; families donating organs don’t have to move for NOCs or post-mortems. Also, the state offers free kidney, liver and heart transplants in government hospitals like developed nations.

Though the problem is much more complex than what it looks like. After a recent PIL by a Doctors in Kerala claims that hospitals are falsely declaring brain deaths to procure organs. It led to negative propaganda in the social media and the result was a devasting decrease in organ donations in the state.

Coming back to the series BREATHE, which is definitely filled with amazing performances, good direction, and thorough writing definitely brings the much-needed hype to the underrated problem of Organ Donation.  But somewhere or other it can give a little negative devilish idea to the people who are in desperate need of the organs. Though by the climax of the show writer-director Mayank Sharma made it very clear that the path picked up the protagonist was wrong. The desperate need to tackle the subject comes forth when in the very first episode, R. Madhwan’s character tries to persuade the family of the brain-dead person to donate the organs but they deny the plea right away. This is the situation what medical fraternity is facing every day and will definitely correlate to. One more commendable job done by the makers was the close accuracy towards medical facts. Though there were some small glitches here and there, if we compare it to the standards of Indian Films and Shows, BREATHE can win “Oscar” for medical accuracies.

Overall we just expect that such shows will inspire people to donate organs which can save other precious lives. Do watch the show. Here is the trailer-


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