Amritsar Med College says jeans, skirts, T-shirts uncivilised; Bans them

The Government Medical College (GMC) of Amritsar has banned girls from wearing skirts, t-shirts, jeans, and shorts in the college premises. Boys have also been asked to wear formal trousers instead of jeans, according to a circular issued by college Principal Sujata Sharma. The head of the department has been asked to ensure that the dress code is followed by all the students, it said. The new dress code will come into effect from October 1. A group of students, led by their leader Mansimrat Singh, Wednesday met the college principal, requesting her to withdraw the circular. However, Sharma declined to withdraw it, the students said.


Many students have stated ‘We live in a country which is rapidly growing’. They feel that students should have the right to wear clothes they want to until and unless they are hampering the decorum of the institute. A new dress code has been issued by the head of the department and the students have to follow it. As per the reports that are coming, the students might have to wear formal clothes inside the premises. Many students have raised their voices against this issue.


Many colleges have e dress code in India. There are many colleges where a proper uniform is issued to the students. When these college students pass out from the school, they feel that it’s their time to explore the wardrobe. But to their surprise, many colleges and institutes also have a fixed uniform for the students. The institutes have always seen claiming that fixed uniform and dress code brings uniformity in the college. It makes students feel that they are equal and helps in maintain the decorum of the institute. Many colleges have trousers and shirts as a fixed formal dress code.

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