AIIMS removed Asst Professor to appoint less qualified candidate.

All India institute of medical sciences sacked Dr Kanika Jain from the post of Assistant Professor of Hospital administration department over the issue of DNB degree after Delhi high court vacated the stay orders over her appointment. This is pertinent to mention that the final judgement of her case is still awaited from delhi high court

Last year, a Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) bench headed by its Chairman Justice L. Narasimha Reddy, along with administrative member Aradhana Johri, were of the opinion that Ms Jain’s degree of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) was not sufficient qualification for the post and that she will require one additional year of experience over her MD counterparts.  The tribunal had then set aside her appointment and said and she needed to undergo an additional year of residency in a hospital recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Tribunals decision was challanged by Dr Kanika at Delhi High court, which issued a stay order initially as interim order but later vacated the stay but final judgement is still awaited. Not waiting for the final judgement AIIMS rushed to remove Dr Kanika and replaced her with one of the Petitioner  Dr. Jitender Sodhi.

On removal of Dr Kanika, AIIMS appointed Dr. Jitender Sodhi who is less qualified than Dr Kanika. Dr Jitender Sodhi have done MHA (2 year course) after his MBBS  as compared to Dr Kanika, who have done DNB (3 year course). Also MCI in its affidavit submitted that MHA is not equivalent to MD/ MS and that there is no method yet to decide equivalence of MHA with MD/ MS. Further it was submitted by Dr Kanika that AIIMS itself removed the course of MHA and converted it to MD Hospital administration (3 year course).

Both AIIMS and NBE have changed their stands on this matter in the Delhi high court. Earlier both the authorities had submitted affidavit in favor of Dr Jain’s appointment, however both have changed their stand through additional affidavit.

Further Dr Kanika filed a special leave petition in Supreme court in which the court directed the High court to decide the matter before summer vacation and not to get influenced by the CAT observations.



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