PM’s Remark on doctor’s is unfortunate and Ignorant

Replying to a question on Ayushman Bharat in London, PM Modi said

“ Doctors get money to prescribe drugs, they go on conferences to Dubai and Singapore, not for sick people. Pharma companies organize them because it is essential for them to do it. We have started generic drugs at a fraction of the cost through Jan Ausdhi Stores.”

It is not the first time that the PM has spoken such a thing about doctors but probably it is the first time he has done it in a Foreign country. Indian doctors are considered one the best across the world and if such an image is being projected outside then it is not going to help either the Indian pharmaceutical industry or the medical tourism. USA’s healthcare system is because of 30% Indian doctors. Unhealthy work environment and attacks from all the corners will only lead to brain drain. In spite of the claims of the political class of decreasing the cost of treatment this is the fact that the cost of treatment in India is still the lowest in the world.

PMs comment is not only unethical but also ignorant. Medical Council of India (A statutory body by an act of Parliament) made it mandatory to have the certain number of CME points before renewal of the registration which is necessary to practice medicine in India. Hence its not fun but compulsion of doctors to attend CME. Also its false to say that there are no patients in CME. International CMEs displays data and research of round the world patients and sometimes even have live workshops. Its sure PM Modi have no idea about all this. Medical community deserves an apology from PM


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