National Board of Examination, an Autonomous institution under Ministry of Health and Public welfare have conducted NEET-PG 2017 in the month of November 2016. This year after Supreme courts Judgement DNB examinations was merged to NEET PG.

After several irregularities that surfaced in February 2017, protest erupted amongst the doctor’s community and Sankalp charitable trust filed a PIL in Delhi high court to hand over the case to CBI after Crime branch arrested 3 agents and more than 200 students are suspected foul play. The Delhi high court disposed of the case with the pretext of letting crime branch do some more ground work. However, the crime branch has not made any single arrest after this. Even they failed to seize the Servers and computers what were used in the fraud (if sources are to be believed)

Later in mid-May hundreds of Medical students of Delhi gathered and protest at Nirman Bhawan in front of Ministry of Health and Family welfare. The delegations were promised by the Under secretary of FMW for timely action.

Later its came to our knowledge that NBE for the first time has issued a seat allotment detail of round 1 of DNB counselling to square off the allegations and under tremendous pressure from the ministry. However, if students attending the counselling are to be believed, the process s still cryptic and non-transparent. Even the Allotment list gives only testing ID nad no candidate names. In absence of Candidate names, it becomes impossible to countercheck the authenticity of the allotment list.

Now the question arises whether NBE is trying to eyewash or are they really serious about transparency? Time will tell

Team Medical Reporters

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