DNB to be Equal, merged with MD/MS – Parliamentary committee

The parliamentary committee on health tabled its 109th report on NMC bill and they made the intentions clear to have a common degree in the country by merging DNB with MD/ MS. As per the report Governments informed the committee that “The Committee was further informed that Section 36(3) of the NMC Bill provides for auto-recognition of the qualifications granted by the statutory or other body in India and included in the Schedule annexed to the Bill. The qualification granted by these bodies by virtue of their own Act (separate Act of Parliament except NBE) is automatically recognized. Further, these bodies are outside the purview of the NMC”

However, the panel clarified that NBE cannot be exempted from the preview of NMC like AIIMS as its not an act of parliament. The Panel suggested to Equate DNB and have a common degree all throughout india.

Committee’s observations/recommendations reads as
“The Committee notes that India has two parallel systems of Post Graduate Medical Education i.e. MD and DNB. The Committee recommends that the Diplomate of National Board, granted by the National Board of Examinations, in broad specialty course and super-specialty course shall be equal in all respects to the post-graduate qualification and the super-specialty qualification, respectively, as granted under this Act with the exception in teaching in medical colleges as they do not take DNB education in a medical college. With the coming into force of this Act, all the post-graduate education programmes being conducted by the National Board of Examinations will be brought under the purview of the Commission for the award of common degrees”

The above paragraph was causing apprehension in the DNB community because of the misinterpretation of the line “with the exception in teaching in medical colleges as they do not take DNB education in a medical college” However it should not be cherry-picked and read with the whole paragraph. Medical reporters consulted few lawyers and came to the conclusion that the intention of the Panel is to add the exception of teaching institute to all institute giving DNB education so that they can be brought under the preview of NMC bill and common degree can be achieved.

Earlier MCI pressed that Medical education can be imparted only in Medical colleges while DNB doctors were pressing on USA structure where non-medical colleges are taking part in around 70% PG medical education. The Paned want to adopt USA model and add the exception of teaching to DNB institutes. However, this must be clarified by the Panel and Ministry.


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