DNB Equivalence case disposed on technical grounds. Association to refile it!

The case of DNB equivalence matter filed in Supreme court was disposed off, on technical grounds citing that the prayers are not under Article 32 of the constitution of India (Fundamental Rights). The case was filed by Sankalp Association of DNB Doctors and was heard by Justice Arun Mishra. The association is preparing to refile the petition with modifications.

On telephonic conversation, Association office bearers informed us categorically that the Supreme court does not make any remarks on the DNB equivalence per se and the status of equivalence is Status Quo. Association also informed us that this is not the first time such reformative case is disposed of by Supreme court. Earlier Sankalp fought almost 4 years for the NEET cause to finally get the justice and a system that will bring competent doctors for ages.

The association informed us that “We need a uniform system of medical degrees and uniform system of medical institutions like USA model to overcome to stop discrimination amongst doctors and a hypothetically created caste system inside fraternity is not good. There is an acute shortage of teaching faculty in medical colleges and it has to be addressed. In the USA all medical institutions are under one roof be it medical colleges or so-called non-teaching hospitals. In India, we have created an imaginary and arbitrary divide of Medical colleges and Non-teaching Hospitals (DNB Institutes). In fact, in the USA all the teaching hospital criteria is based on the strength of teaching beds not its affiliation with a university (Like in India). These multiple systems of degrees produce conflict and seat wastage. This is the reason USA has 125% PG seats. That is 25% excess of its MBBS seats. Hence PG in the USA is open for foreign nationals”

Ministry of health official on asking for reasons of existence of dual programme quoted that “DNB is an Internationally recognized degree and the sole purpose of creating DNB at the first place was to maintain international standards back then when India’s MD/ MS was derecognized in many countries in the eighties.  Association President Dr Jateen Ukrani Quoted that “MCI’s discrimination is arbitrary and is full of vested interest. We will fight for this. In fact, our aim is #1NATION1DEGREE”

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