A suspension order of Dr Jagdish Prasad, director general of health services, Union ministry of health and family welfare was leaked few days back. The order dated 20th February 2018 vide No. C-14011/01/2015-Vig undersigned by S. Sridhar (Undersecretary GOI) stated that “President in the exercise of powers conferred by sub-rule (1) of Rule 10 of Central Civil Services Rules 1965 hereby placed Dr. Jagdish Prasad DGHS under suspension with immediate effect.

It is further Ordered that the headquarter of Dr Jagdish Prasad DGHS would continue to be New Delhi and the said Dr Jagdish Prasad DGHS shall not leave the headquarters without obtaining the prior permission from the Competent authority. However, after the letter reached media persons, a ministry spokesperson said that the order has “not been served” and that Prasad continues to be “on leave”. We have still to verify if this letter was issued or not, and if issued was served to Dr Prasad or not.




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