Dental College Interns Abducts Minors. Reason is hilarious and alarming Both!

In a strange incident, dental college interns abduct two children in Ghaziabad.  The Ghaziabad Police were on Wednesday alarmed after they were informed about the abduction of two minors from the city’s Pratap Vihar area. As the police began their exploration operation, what came tapping was a rather amusing yet alarming discovery.

According to the police, the children were picked up by two interns of Santosh Dental College – Vaishali Raj Sharma and Yashika. They arrived in a Honda Amaze and picked up the minors near CSHP School. Where did they take them? To the hospital, for a dental checkup!

After a continued search for the unidentified ladies and the missing children, they were finally spotted in the dental college, Hindustan Times reported. Manisha Singh, circle officer (city I) said that they were picked up by the interns for a community dental checkup camp without prior permission from the family. The college has taken a strong note of the incident.

The grandmother of one of the children shared her disapproval of picking up children in this manner without the consent of the family. She also said that one of her relatives informed about what was happening outside as a lot of people had gathered following the rumors of abduction.

Though the police have not registered a case against the two women suo motu, it has been left to the respective families to decide. The families of the two children are in a dilemma whether or not to file a case apprehending the future of the students.

Though for Dental Students It is not a new thing to manipulate and kind of force the patients to visit the college for check-ups this is usually because of extremely low patient turn out in the hospital for the treatment. This surreal event somehow sadly depicts the situation of dental students.

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