AIIMS RDA questions Bridge Course and demands NBE Merger in NMC Bill

AIIMS Resident doctors association today released press note on its discussion held yesterday on NMC bill. They raised several objections in NMC bill. However several of its objections are to be taken care off in Regulations not the bill per se, but two of its Objections are necessary to be covered in the Bill.

IMC bill 1956 does not cover everything but empowered the MCI to make regulations. Screening test regulation, Postgraduate regulation, and Undergraduate regulations are few of them. The same is true for NMC. The act empowers the NMC to make regulation on each matter. But core issues like the validity of Bridge course, NBE merger etc needs to be covered in the Bill itself. The question raised by AIIMS RDA on Bridge course and NBE (National Board of Examinations) existence are valid and need to be answered in the NMC bill itself.


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